Finding The Best Melasma Cream

When I became pregnant with my son, I was well aware that my body was going to change, and some of those changes were not going to be pretty. I knew about stretch marks, and obviously the big belly came as no surprise, but one of the things that I was not aware of was melasma.

I found out after I came down with it that melasma is a skin condition that many women have that causes small or large patches of skin to darken and discolor. It especially affects women who take either oral or patch contraceptives, or who have used hormone replacement therapy, or are pregnant.

The worst part of the whole condition is that the dark and discolored skin patches appear mainly on the face, so they are absolutely impossible to hide with clothing. I also found that makeup has little effect on them.

After I came down with melasma, I became almost obsessed with finding the best melasma cream on the market. I think that I must have ordered and tried every single one, desperately trying to get the dark patches on my face to lighten.

Fortunately, my condition went away when the baby was born. Otherwise, I don’t know what I would’ve done. More information about melasma creams is available at


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